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Decisions! To repair... or buy new?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Now and then we come across a difficult decision, a fork in the road that will determine the quality of your day-to-day life for the years to come. It seems like a small task, but the decision is a personal one and it usually comes down to emotional attachment or price, the dreaded question "how much will this cost me?"

We're talking about a home appliance that maybe broke down out of nowhere (you were JUST using it!), your washer, dryer, or maybe your refrigerator went out, the stove or oven is not working... or is it the heater, or even worse... the air conditioning? You want your equipment working, quickly, and the headache gone. Rest assured that when you visit our website to schedule an appointment with Lawler Appliance Heat & Air for service or repair, our assigned specialized Service Tech will listen to your concerns, take the time to diagnose the actual problem with your equipment, and give you an honest opinion of the work required and the appropriate estimated pricing at the time the initial Quote is provided.

When trying to make a decision of whether it's worth it to repair equipment or buy a new (or used) appliance, whether it's for your home or business, heating, AC, or plumbing, as a general rule of thumb it's important to research and look into the following items when making this tough decision:


  • Keep in mind that the published lifespans tend to be "on average," so it is very likely that your equipment may break down either a couple of years before the stated lifespan, or a few years after. The amount of high-tech features that your equipment has, the quality, and the rate of usage most times play a part in the lifespan of the said machinery.

Just how bad is it?

  • If there's only one or two things wrong with your equipment, then repair might be the best way to go if the problems are small and/or can be quickly fixed. However if you see the machine is at the end of its life, it might be a good time to look into getting a replacement. The replacement could be brand new or pre-owned, the choice is ultimately yours but our technicians will provide you practical advice and suggestions, ready to help you with either Installation or Repair.

  • Any visible "worn" damage could be a sign that the machine is getting older and towards the end of its lifespan.

Energy Efficient

  • Newer models seem to be more effective at conserving energy, but keep a close eye as not all models are built the same and conserve energy at the same rate. If this is important to you, it may be worth your time to compare models side-by-side for energy efficiency.

Moving to a new spot

  • When moving to a new place and unsure if the measurements will work with the space you have, it may be necessary to consider new equipment that has your preferred measurements and the style that you are looking for that fits the room.

  • It is important to follow the guidelines for transporting that are specific to your product, this way avoiding any future malfunctions that may arise from improperly handling machinery.

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