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Now accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal Credit

Lawler Appliance has integrated more options for customers at check-out, we have added these icons to My Account for visibility: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit financing through PayPal Credit.

For the customer to use payment method Apple Pay or Google Pay, these options will automatically be offered as additional payment methods through the direct link for check-out that we provide when a job is completed or at the customer's request. These options will generate depending on the browser version that is used to visit the link, and whether the browser is compatible to use such electronic wallet methods.

If the customer is not seeing either Apple Pay nor Google Pay as options through the link we provide, it is suggested to use another browser (ex. Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.)

Lastly, we have also introduced credit financing via PayPal Credit. This option is in addition to the already existing basic PayPal check-out. If the customer chooses this method of payment, he or she will need to contact our Financing Department to request this process to be set up.

We continue to accept all other forms of debit and credit cards.

As always, the customer's comfort is our priority!


Support Team

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