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Norpole Authorized Repair Service Provider

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Lawler Appliance Heat & Air is an Authorized Repair Company for Norpole equipment, and is able to assist customers with commercial and residential appliances or other machinery, whether the item is under warranty or once warranty has expired. Our technicians are continuously receiving training on most Makes and Models in the market, more specifically training from Norpole.
If the warranty for your equipment has run out, but you are still in need of authorized repair service, we can help you! Because the item is no longer under warranty, the customer will be responsible for any charges for our service. Schedule with us directly here.
  • What equipment does Lawler Appliance service?

    • Refrigerators

    • Freezers  

  • What type of service does Lawler Appliance perform?

    • Under warranty

    • Out of warranty

    • Commercial 

    • Residential

    • Installation

    • Service

    • Repair

    • Parts supplier (submit inquiry for parts in the form below)


Note if under warranty:
If you believe your equipment is still under warranty from the manufacturer, Norpole, it is required that the customer contacts the manufacturer directly to verify warranty status and to formally request a service call/house call service from authorized repair company, Lawler Appliance Heat & Air. Please visit Norpole's website if your item is under warranty for more information.


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